Team Catalyst.

Constance Carter
CEO & Broker

Constance has always been about building long-term relationships with her clients. She is an advocate for educating consumers and developing their investment skills through constant outreach. Starting out as a homebuyer, then an agent, Constance has first hand experience in what it takes to help buyers in this market to obtain the American Dream.

Her team of Real Estate professionals is as diverse as the community they serves. She vows to be a mirror image of the community so that her message of advocacy can be affective. She has established the Home Repurchase Program® that takes both distressed and former homeowners, and puts them on a comprehensive plan to becoming homeowners again with minimal negative credit impact.

Helping individuals with challenged credit is also a passion of hers. So she has developed the “Credit Party” which she educates small groups of people on their credit health within the comfort of their own homes. She started in Real Estate 2002 where she immediately established her brand as one of the top producers in Stockton. In doing this, she continued to align herself with programs that made homeownership possible for new and move-up buyers. With this knowledge and experience behind her, she became a Broker in 2006.

In 2010 she opened her own Brokerage, Catalyst Real Estate Professionals, in Stockton. She is currently expanding her operations to a full-service firm that will provide a range of services from property management to commercial real estate services in San Jose & Oakland. For Constance and her team, it’s not just about a commission; it’s about making a difference!


"It's not just about a commission; it's about making a difference!"

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